Volsor LeadMarket™

Do you lack high-quality leads for your products and services?
Get them with our Traffic And Lead Generation Platform.

How Does Volsor LeadMarket™ Work?

Volsor LeadMarket™ generates, scores and distributes
qualified leads for your business.

Lead Generation

In the first phase, we attract prospects using our marketing campaigns. In the second phase, we convert these prospects into potential clients with interest in one or more of your products or services.

Real-time Scoring

Leads go through Volsor Scoring module, using many local registers necessary for your company risk management. Verification is completed in milliseconds.

Lead & Traffic Distribution

Leads continue to Cascades Funnel, where they’re being distributed among lead buyers.
The distribution process and sequence is based on the lead buyer’s place in the cascade.

Integration Methods

Integrate with the platform via API integration, API to CRM, E-mail & Instant Messenger, Autoscript integration or Postback integration via a link.

Conversion Tracking Methods

Receive more leads by tracking user flow statuses. There are several options to track conversions: API, Tag or Postback.

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