Declined Traffic Monetization

Do you have the lead traffic declined by your scoring? Monetize it. Declined traffic monetization is probably the wisest way to make full use of the traffic that would otherwise make no sense for you.

How Does Declined Traffic Monetization Work?

There are two ways you can monetize your declined traffic.
You can either add our URL to your page informing loan applicant about the credit decline, or send us the data about the declined lead via API.
After loan applicants click on URL you provided in the credit decline message or after you send us their data via API, we will sell a lead to another lead buyer and share the revenue half-and-half with you.

The Monetization of declined traffic is a four-step process:

1. Lead Declination

The lead doesn‘t make it through your scoring and becomes a declined traffic.

2. Forwarding The Lead

You send declined traffic to us via API/ by adding URL to your credit decline message.

3. Lead Offer And Sale

We offer the lead to another lead buyer, who accepts it and buys the lead.

4. Revenue And Share

The Revenue is shared 50/50 percent
between You and Finvinci.

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